Course curriculum

Benefits - Cancer Prevention Course

The prevention course is for cancer survivors and healthy folks who are worried about getting a new or recurring cancer. $47 through May 31st (reg. $99)

  • 24 steps for cancer prevention (self-paced, 1 - 2 month completion)

  • 4 audios guides for on-demand listening that discusses all 24 strategies

  • 30 days of plant-based recipes and grocery list

  • A one-on-one health coaching call (30 min) with PhD Cancer Scientist

  • Monthly group coaching calls with PhD Cancer Scientist

  • Hour-by-hour menu plan

  • Tips to lose weight, lower inflammation, and boost the immune system

  • How to reduce sugar and salt cravings

  • Unlimited email coaching support

  • 2 or 3 payment plans available (email to get started)

Benefits - Cancer Patient Program

The cancer patient course is for those struggling with side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, or need herbal support. $77 through May 31st (reg. $149). To get started contact: or 678-310-8101.

  • You get all items from the prevention course listed above

  • Additional patient ebook that guides you through treatment side effects, what to eat, and herbal support

  • Addtional companion audio guide that covers the patient ebook

  • Nutrition guide for what to eat based on your chemotherapy drug

  • Hour-by-hour menu that supports chemotherapy side effects

  • 2, 3 or 4 payment plans available (email

Bonus material

Additional content you'll receive

  • Bonus 30 min one-on-one coaching call

    $47 value

    Personal guidance from our Health Coach and PhD Scientist as you go through the program.

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Our Story

How we got started

As a PhD Scientist working in cancer research, I never thought I would be approached by people newly diagnosed with cancer who needed my help. They were feeling hopeless, overwhelmed and scared as they started their treatment process. I was a scientist researching how to treat breast, colon, prostate and gynecologic cancer, I was NOT a physician delivering treatments. But I was approached and saw the worry and concern on their face and knew I had to help, so that’s what I did.

Our first client

I was first approached by my grandmother in 2009 who was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. What happened next was a test of faith in my scientific and medical knowledge and empathy for my grandmother as a new cancer patient. I was immediately thrust into the world of healthcare, advocating for her to receive the best cancer treatments (she was on Medicare, and these patients notoriously have lower survival outcomes compared to highly-insured patients) and acted as her medical interpreter explaining her disease, chemotherapy and radiation treatments, drug side effects and survival outcomes.

How The Cancer Detox was Born

After a few weeks I began to see the transformation as she went from worried to confident that I was steering her in the right direction. I did the heavy lifting of engaging with her doctor and organizing her records and medical treatments. After it was all said and done, I realized she could have easily been lost to the healthcare system had I not been there guiding and advocating for her. I thought the work with my grandmother was a “one off” but I soon learned that this type of service was needed. More people started to come to me asking for help. The Cancer Detox program was then developed.

Instructor - Dr. Dee Grace, PhD

Lead Cancer Prevention Scientist

Deanine Grace

Lead Cancer Prevention Scientist

Dr. Deanine Grace is a PhD Scientist and Cancer Researcher that is passionate about cancer prevention. She helps the cancer patient get relief from the overwhelmed feeling they have about their diagnosis by showing them how to take charge of their treatment process. Her #1 goal is to improve the survival outcomes and prevent cancer in the current and future generations to come.


  • Is there a money back gaurantee?

    Yes. You can receive 100% of your money back within 7 days of your purchase.

  • What if I need additional support than what the email or audios provide?

    We understand some students need a personal touch. We are available by text or email Mon - Fri from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. eastern. There are also monthly group coaching calls that you will have access to.

  • Are payment plans available?

    Yes, we have 2 or 3 payment plans for you to choose from. You can email or go to

And don't forget...

In an ideal world cancer survivors should leave the hospital with a game-plan on how to prevent a recurrence. And doctor's would hand out at least 10 lifestyle tips focused on cancer prevention at every annual check-up. The Cancer Detox program fills that gap. Sign up today! The $47 sale ends May 31st, so act now.
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